Practice my English English

I'm searching a penpal to practice my English. Who can help me?

I can help you if youre still searching for help

I'm looking for the same thing guys

Im looking for a english penpal , too. If any english speaker wants to learn german, so we can write half german and half english

I'm looking for a englisch penpal. Then can I Englisch learnen.

I'm german, but I can speak 9 languages, English as well, so you could write me, if you want!

I'm Italian and I want to improve my english! I'm looking for an English Penpal 🙂

Looking for an English penpal too😊

Hello, I want to practise english 🙂 I invite you

hi guys 🙂 i'm looking for a speaking partner, who could help me practice English with audio chat? feel free to contact 🙂

I'm looking for a pen friend too. It is expected here ahahah so if you want, write me😊

I'm Italian and I want to improve my english skill! I'm looking for an English Penpal 🙂

Hi ! I'm from Poland and i want to learn english so i'm looking for anyone who want the same thing or maybe who want learn polish 🙂
Something about me:
I love read books (horror, medic criminal, harry potter)
I like photography
I work in hospital and i'm interested in medicine's stuff
If You want, write to me 🙂
Btw. I'm sorry for my english. I'm still learning

Hi! I'm looking for a english pen pal, I'm 13 years old. If you're interested send me a message

Hiiiiiiiii I'm Clemente, I'm 37 years old and I'm from Italy, I want to know a lot of people and improve my English! Contact me if you want!

Dear all, I'm Marianna and I would improve my English! Contact me if you want!

Hi i'm Hana, a 15 year old girl. i'm an indonesian who currently attend high school in Japan, and i speak english, indonesian, and intermediate japanese. Message me if you want to be friends! Don't worry, i dont bite!!

Hi guys, I'm searching a penpal too!
Can you write me in private chat?