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16, from
My proudest accomplishments

I've successfully composed a couple of piano pieces I've read more books than i can remember I ran over 100 miles over the summer so i could get a T-shirt from my Cross Country coach I made it to state in a public speaking contest and got 6th

53, from Chissà
My interests in other cultures

Mi piace conoscere ciò che non so, amo apprendere da altra cultura Me gusta aprender lo que no conozco, quiero aprender algo desde otra cultura

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Personal skills

->->I CAN'T speak FRENCH <-<- Well... i dont really know what to write about that... maybe im ehm special in.... hmmm i am a triplet.... and i can read their minds😎😂 okay nope not that special

25, from Friedberg
Favourite books/authors/films

I like many books. For example "The City of Dreaming Books" by Walter Moers. Harry Potter still is one of my favourite book series, too. I also enjoy reading classics like Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". When it comes to movies I like to watch Horror, Thriller, Romance and much more. I just avoid pure Action movies.

35, from Oude-Tonge
Something to tell the world!

I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

20, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Hello everyone, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. Well, I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills! Don't hesitate to text me anytime!

15, from Gerbstedt
Something to tell the world!

My name is Marie and I am 15 years old. Live with my family in Gerbstedt that lies in Germany. I also have a cat and a dog.

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Something to tell the world!

Hi :) My name is Noan I am a girl I'm 12 but I'm going to be 13 years old I live in France. I like reading and writing, cooking, animals and especially languages ​​and foreign culture. I am looking for correspondents or correspondence to talk about everything and nothing :)

18, from Saint Petersburg
Something to tell the world!

My hobbies are: music(I play the piano and sing, I like classics), biology, hand-mading, writing, swimming(not professionaly, I just like the sea), running, horseriding(but I have an allergy, thanks for I am alive, its wonderful -- horses, my dream not to have this awful alergy, I want to have my own horse and take lessons), learning...

17, from Anuradhapura
My interests in other cultures

I love to make friends around the world . I would love here your experiences and culture . I am open minded . I can share my experiences with you all :) I love to read books and spending time with small kids . I'd love visit poland , German , Netherland, italy ,china , USA and UK . bcz i hered that people are so good and i love their...

17, from
My feeling about the future

I feel and i hope i will make many friends in the feature, that i will discover who i really are and what make me happy ;) and that i will travel a lot around the world <3

17, from Watertown
I always enjoy talking about...

I enjoy talking about my writing, books and movies, high school theater, funny occurrences, and topics that can make a person think.