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Personal skills

->->I CAN'T speak FRENCH <-<- Well... i dont really know what to write about that... maybe im ehm special in.... hmmm i am a triplet.... and i can read their minds😎😂 okay nope not that special

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Cities and countries I have visited

Uwielbiam wyjazdy i podróże. Byłam w Egipcie, Grecji, Włoszech, Hiszpanii, Francji, Austrii, Niemczech, Holandii, Danii, Belgii, Luksemburgu, Szwajcarii, Węgrzech, USA, na Litwie i Białorusi.

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Something to tell the world!

Hiiii, im Naomi! I’m 16 years old and i’m from the netherlands! I’m actually Chinese but i live in the netherlands. I’m really excited to meet new ppl who wants to be my penpal ^w^. I love cutesty and artsy stuff! Hit me up if u are interested to be my penpal. I actually love anime so much (what a Total weeb i know shhhh). Anyway, I...

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Something to tell the world!

Let's get in touch! Tell me about you! Let's learn from each other! 👍 I wait for your message. Everyone is welcome. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you are from, which gender you are, which religion you have. 😀

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Cities and countries I have visited

I´m from a little village in Bavaria. Nothing interesting happens there, so I really like to travel. I love to travel to Italy. I just love that country. And I started to love Great Britain ever since I traveled there with School. I went to Antwerp, Brussels and Gent too ... I never expected it, but I loved it there. And I was...

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Favourite books/authors/films

I love Jk Rowling, i'm a huge fan of the harry potter books, also i love John green, i'm momently reading his books and I love them. Suzanne Collins (the hunger games writer) is personally my favorite writer, because her books just have the right amount of everything! I like Romantic films, but i prefer action movies, for example James...

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Something to tell the world!

Hi all! I am an Italian History and litterature teacher looking for friendships from all over the world. It doesn't matter where you come from, I will be glad to know you!Ciao!

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Something to tell the world!

i am a honest,gentle and hobble man.I also used to play volleyball and swimming, shopping and watching TV , etcI like tripe and to hear others talk.I would love to make friends with people around the world

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Something to tell the world!

I am a 24-year-old guy currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I consider myself to be quite open to new experiences and hence get to be a part of some interesting adventures from time to time. I have a pretty wide variety of interests; particularly in music, movies, books, cooking, traveling, and fitness. Nowadays, I'm on a...

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My interests in other cultures

I'm especially interested in languages and wanna master as much as possible, but that's gonna take a pretty long time from now😂😅. Besides, I'm pretty interested in traditions and food🙄😅.

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My proudest accomplishments

I've successfully composed a couple of piano pieces I've read more books than i can remember I ran over 100 miles over the summer so i could get a T-shirt from my Cross Country coach I made it to state in a public speaking contest and got 6th

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Something to tell the world!

Hello! I am looking for many different people from all over the world who want to write with me!