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14, from Gerbstedt
Over or underrated

Unterschätzt werden manchmal kleine süße Pupen, es gibt so viele Horrorfilm oder Geschichten die etwas mit Pupen zutun haben. Also Unterschätzt nicht Pupen. Underestimated are sometimes cute little dolls, there are so many horror movies or stories that have something to do with dolls. So do not underestimate dolls.

21, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Hello everyone, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills. No short-term conversations or answers after ages. Long-term friendships only. Instagram: suggestmeanick_

16, from
I'm an expert at...

I am interested in science and physics. If you want to discuss this things just send me a message. I also like the topics animals, nature, history and music.

14, from Leipzig
Something to tell the world!

Hello my name is Sophie. I really love designing my bullet journal (it's a kind of diary,notebook and calender), singing (even if I've not the best voice), photographing and I like sometimes sport especially skating the pennyboard. I will write with people all over the world most of all with people from the USA or other people with...

16, from
Something to tell the world!

I‘m Julia and I like reading, singing and laughing! 😊 I‘m searching for a penpal my age and it would be nice if it‘s someone from Canada because I want to live there in some years and it would be amazing to have some friends there. But I would also like to chat and know more about all the different cultures that exsists! You can...

20, from
Something to tell the world!

Hoi! My name is Sunny and I'm from the Netherlands. My hobbies are music (I play piano), cinematography and cooking. I'd really like to meet new people and get to know more about their cultures! --- Please, do not send me a friend request in order to never even contact me 😋 ---

22, from Brest
Cities and countries I have visited

Made in Italy, released in France x) Je vis à Brest, en Bretagne, depuis 2018. Avant ça, j’ai été / I did/has / sono… …grandi à, en / grew up in / cresciuto a, in: Paris, France …stato ogni anno in / été chaque année en / been each year in: Italy (Turin, Albenga, Punt’ala, Riva dei tessali, Taranto, Milano… una volta a...

17, from Neuburg
I'm excited about...

Ich mache wahnsinnig gerne Sport eigentlich alle Arten. Momentan spiele ich Handball und tanze Ballett. Mein zweites großes Hobby ist die Musik. I really like to do sports, mostly all kinds. At the moment I play handball and dance Ballett since a really long time. My second big hobby is making music (:

17, from
Something to tell the world!

Hey, my name is Selina and I´m a 17 years old girl from Germany. I´m a shy girl that wants to meet new people from all over the world and improve her language skills in English and maybe in French too. I´m really interested in medicine, photography and baking and I like to meet my friends. After school I really want to travel around...

18, from Nederland
I'm an expert at...

Im really good in making weird short storys (in netherlands) but it would be nice to try it in English!😉 here i have a website where I write short stories! It's english and dutch. I'm a expert in acting like I'm focused on school😎

16, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Hello everyone, I’ m Alessio (It is a shorter form of Alexander). I live in Milan even if my family is from Southern Italy, especially from Naples. I’ m keen on soccer, cycling, motor sports and I love travelling (I’ m planning a trip all over Europe for the next summer😅). The thing I desire the most is to be able to play the guitar...

20, from Milan
Something to tell the world!

Hi there! I am Luca from Italy! I am here because i would like to meet people from all the world and know more about other cultures! I am currently studying at the University of Milan German and English languages and culture! I am really interested in every culture so don't be shy to contact me! My E-Mail is and...