French girl looking for femal penpal - 13/14 years
Can help in french and want inprove my english
Make friends.
Looking for penpal
New calture
I want to be your pen pal
Searching a penpal friend
Looking for an English penpal / I am from Germany
What is it your native language ?
Make new friends
Suche Englisch / Biete Deutsch
who wants to teach me english Please
I am looking for an English speaking pen pal
Someone who can help me with my school assignment
Penpal friend to improve English and to meet new people:)
I am looking für a penpal in englisch
I'm looking for a Pen Pal who can sometimes send me a magazine from the US.
Someone who came or are coming in Sicily
Englisch Pen Pal
Help to learn English
Spanish learning
Big fan of foreign languages and music
Hi, could anyone help me learn english?
Looking for a DANISH SPEAKING pen-pal
LOOKING for a Pen Pal
New penpal english french with exchange
Do you want a new penpal
Hey je suis nouvelle! Correspondant anglais ?
University's life!!