Stupid Question deserves a Stupid Answer Anything and everything

the thing i hate.

how come u dont eat salmon?

cuz salmon is alive

what do u do,when ya feel lousy?

talk to someone that makes me happy!

what did you dream of Mia?! Ich will wissen 😛

of bunnies 😛

why do you want to know it ?

because you didnt tell me before

was it really about bunnies?

(I guess not) xD

What is the best food?

Cherries 😃

How old do you want to be ? 😛

I want to be young.... Forever 😃

What do you think of the sport of baseball? (I don't like it btw)

I hate it

Do you like jumping?

i prefer snoring!

how can i check my penpal mail?

how can i check my penpal mail?
When you receive a mail, it goes on the e-mail address you've registered with

When will the world stop spinning?

At it's end.

Are sports good?

Answer: Which sports? 😃

Question: Who are you? 😃

Me is me)))

Are you good???

Of course

Why do you ask such stupid questions?

Mai Mai

Because he saw a ghost

Hwo I'm?

That you're nemo apart you can to know who you're.

Who can see the blue elephants ? 😃