Anything and everything

I'm looking for penfriends from Germany! to learn German.
Broken heart
Do women still believe in romance?
Is anybody intrested in having a penfriend?
Are you vegetarien or vegan? Me I am ;)
What useless talent do you have?
Hi I'm looking for new friends that live in the uk
Looking for someone to write letters with
Searching Penpals
Snail mail Pals
Ski jumping fans
Need help with translation? (Ita-eng-spa-fr)
How late is it in your country?
What did you do for Christmas ?
Happy New Year 🎊
Working in Europe
What you think about Finland??
Letters and postcards, snail mail.
Trading packages,Postcards, or letters
looking for English pen pal
Dream country :)
If you describe yourself in 3 words ....?
Who's around the 12 years? :)
Looking for a UK, Ireland, France, Australia and USA friends.
Wiedereinführung der Wehrpflicht in Deutschland
Merry Christmas 🎁🎄