what makes you depressed? :P Everyday life and customs

what makes you depressed? :P

when i am late :hang:

When I lose all my stuffs when I really need those.


When i feel alone and ignored :(

People who ask what makes me depressed :)

When I can't find my things that I need on the moment >.<
Or sad people :p


When I'm bored or when I see probs from friends and can't do somethings

When I can't to realize things that I need for to do a new project and When I see a bad things in TVNews.

When i see people chop down trees or kill animals.

When my parents come to see me. -_- It's so bad. :D A little cardboards that I must to do too. :(

When my parents come to annoys-me. :(

Nothing in this moment. :)

Being late makes me so depressed, it's like a damn virus! :/

Really nothing today. Perhaps the hot weather but I've avoided hot weather. :P :D :D :D

Again nothing today. :)

For a Muslim, almost nothing can make me depressed

And again nothing today! :D