Everyday life and customs

I m looking for a pen pal to exchange letters, postcards and packages
Drifting in japan
Tell us one random fact about yourself.
What makes you happy?
Festival in your country
What is it like to live in Nordic countries?
Peer pressure
Do you believe that the constellation determines one's fate and character
What's the hardest word to pronounce in your language?
Do it yourself
whats ur answer for this question?
Looking for 13- to 20-year-olds from all over the world
17/5000 Are there any medical students ? Preferably forensics
new year
which is the first novel you finished reading in a foreign language?
What can I do this summer?
Albanien Schulsystem
Finding penpals, friends, people to chat...
do you believe in gods?
break off or not
Schöpfung oder Zufall/ Creation vs. coincidence
Lovers of Jesus
christelijke nederlanders