Why you're still single? Everyday life and customs

I'm looking for a reason to stay single for the rest of my life. I think "broken heart" is the worst feeling ever, it makes us weak and painful.

Do you agree with me?

yeah friend , i am agree with you 🙂

I agree with ollie. Don´t force yourself into a relationship just because you think that´s what you need to be happy. Take care of your self, do what makes you happy on your own, be happy with yourself. Happiness isn´t defined by a relationship or the people you date or spend time with. I learned that I don´t need another person to be happy. I live my own Life, the way I want... not how others expect it or want me to live it. If you´re single don´t be sad about it or set yourself under pressure to find a partner. Follow your dreams, do what you want and what makes you laugh, try something new (for example a new hobby or something else) you ever wanted to do, don´t let your life be set by others. No one else will make you happy but you. Happiness is a Decision, not something caused by anything or anyone.

I stay alone because I feel better living alone. I have a lot of reasons but that is one of them that is really important to me. Some people just feel better and more relaxed living alone. and I am one of them. But … I have been married and had a long relationship after that, so I did try and really… a relationship brings you a lot too. I don't think being afraid is the best reason to stay single. You could be missing out on an wonderful life. And why? Because of fear? Fear is very often just something in your head: False Evidence Appearing Real... it is only truth because you think it alife. That is not a really good way to live your life.. is it? Dare! Live! It could be just wonderful. You may think: what if it goes wrong. But what if it works really great? That could just as well be the thruth…..

What is love? I have never been in love never had a single friend either, apparently that's sad? but its all I know and to be honest its great, you can do what you want when you want, your not tied to someone or some people, to me being alone is true freedom.

I strongly agree,but I think time will come and get the one you wished to be together,it's a matter of time

I agree with what you all said.
My friends always ask me why I'm not in a relationship and how I can be happy without a boyfriend.
And I tell them that I'm happy and that I don't need to pressure myself in a relationship if I'm not in love with someone. If the right person comes, he/she comes ... I'm not in desperat need to have a relationship right now. I'm doing the things that I want right now ... like traveling or finishing University.

i dont know 😃

I'm single because I still haven't found the right girl. I found someone back in 2013 from this website but she turned out to be fake. Right now I think I know what I want and have my priorities right, and so I want the same from her. I have been single for like 5 years now and the previous one too was a long distance relationship, which damaged me badly but I've been healing ever since.

Yes, when your heart is broken, you can be devastated. And being single is also really important, because you need to know what it is like to be on your own. I mean we are born alone, and die alone. But being in a relationship with someone you really love and your partner loves you, is the best thing. So avoiding a relationship isn't the solution. I mean, you don't have to look for someone. Let it come to you. Having heartbreaks and experiencing painfull things are a part of being alive. It makes you who you are now. When you are dealing with your pain, it makes you weak but every other person goes through the same. Avoiding things because you don't want to get hurt after isn't the solution. After a long time it can make you only more unhappy. Im not saying you NEED someone, because that's not true, but you can make amazing memories with people who you love. Your best friends can also stab you in the back, and that hurts too, but that's not a reason to never have a friend right?

i didnt saw a cute girl yet , and no one loves me truely so i am single

I'm just single because emotions can get tiring to work with 😛

I am single because I can't forget the goods moments I had with my ex he still in my mind I can't love other or looking for anyone, we are stay long distance now But we still be good friend . That's why I still single

I am single because I think I am too young and I don't need to be in a relationship for the moment being🤷‍♀️.

I am not single. But heartache sucks.

But here is my view:
follow your heart and persue your dreams. Be true to yourself. If you meet a good person on that path, it might just be the best thing ever to team up and walk amongstside.

And no, that really does NOT mean you should have the same dreams. But the same lifestyle or views on life, can make someone feel like a soulmate in minutes.

I've become single just because I travel a lot in Europe and I do not have enough time to sit somewhere and spend a lot of time with someone.

I've never been taken, but not all of us are made for a relationship..

I've been single my whole life and to be honest I don't mind at all!!