The best thing about your culture and heritage Everyday life and customs

I joined this platform to learn about the various cultures out there. No negative things about other cultures and no competition about which culture is the best. Just a nice little forum where people could learn and contribute about their cultures or that of others. Thanks, Michelle.

I come from the Netherlands and Cheese of course 😉

What can you tell me about Netherlands dear?

I come from India. Astrology and Spirituality,of course. Movies,too!

That's amazing Pandu, do you have any stories to share about your culture?

I come from Italy. Culture, arts, education, beauty and food are what I like the most about my country


I think FOOD. In Italy food is very good.
But also culture, Firenze is amazing! 😉

In Germany one point of culture is typical German food 🙂

food!!! i thought chinese food is really delicious......also the clothes.

I live in Limburg, a province in the south of the Netherlands, and we have one of the best pastries in the world: Vlaai. I love that stuff. also, we have some amazing ghost stories and little area bound festivities

I am from Germany. The well-known things/ items, I guess are: brewing, Black Forest ham, Black Forest cherry brandy, cuckoo clock, Swabian noddles, Swabian raviolis, Munich October Festival. Close to my hometown is a monastry (The Cisterian Abbey of Maulbronn). For it is one of the buildings headed under World Culture Heritage, various tourists are visiting this abbey. The area I am living in is in southern Germany situtated in the federal state Baden-Wuerttemberg.