Hello everyone,I am just a new member here.it's just a coincidence I found penpal gate.I have used some newer chatting APPs whose function is the same.years ago,when I chat with foreigners for the first time,I was very happy andexcited...just by emails I talked friends from all over the world!However,as time passed,international communication is becomeing easier and easier,I found it seems to be a little boring...But I don't know why I am still find people to talk all the time!today I looked through the forum here and I was very moved...many of the topics are years ago,some are even 10 years!I guess many of the people have gone into society,how times fly!and I guess many of them would be moved also.that's a unforgettable memory.Just in a coincident time,we encounter,and we may lose contaction with time passing,but once we back here,finding my little friends have grown up,I am moved.