Looking for penapls from different countries :) English

Hello all ! :clap

I would like to practise the language I learned and that I didn't study anymore at the university because I do not want to forget them, so I think the best way is to practise.
So, I am looking for different language :

I am looking for :

- English-speaking friend, no matter where you are from, you juste have to be in my ages (18-24 y.o).

-Swedish friend, because I learned some basics and want to be better in this language.

-German friend, because it is one of my favorite language 🙂

-Italian friend, because I'd like to do an Erasmus in Verona in two years.

So if you speak one of this language, and if you like classic litterature and/or animals (especially dogs) and/or watching sports (soccer, handball, rugby...) well, be my guest, I am waiting to talk to you!

Have a nice week end,

PS : sorry for the mistakes! 😮ops

hello laura,
i am from holland and speak a little english
i would love to have a conversation to you but i am 16 y o, dont hope that is a problem