Happy Birthday for my girlfriend. pretty please with cherry on top English

Hello, I have a thing to ask you guys.
My girlfriend is having her 20th birthday soon and I came up with this idea to make a montage of people from all around the world wishing her happy birthday.

I couldn't be more greatful if you could record a 5 to 10 seconds long video of you wishing her happy birthday. (of course in your native language)
If you have a few minutes to spare please send videos to my e-mail address, that is: (email hidden) (or put it on youtube, file sharing site, as you wish)

My gf is having her 20th birthday.
Her name is Ania (pron. it like "Anya")
Speak in your native language.
Please add information, what's your name and where are you from.
5-10 seconds long
translation of what did you say in the video.


still not a single video 🙁