Is there someone to help me ? English

Hello all !

I'm Mam', I'm 17 and I'm French. I search someone who can speak english with me - I want to be nearly bilingual when I'll be an adult. I'm intrested by music (all, except rap. My favourite bands are (for example ^^) Schandmaul (Medieval Rock, in German), Rammstein (I wonder if I really need to introduce this band to you xD), Nightwish (same)); but my passion first and foremost is wrestling (don't be afraid !). (If someone knows wrestling here I'll maybe ask him to marry me :P ). I love books too, my favorite one is "The Alchemist", written by Paolo Coelho. It's just a tremendous book. One you must read at least once in your lifetime. And... I have an open-mind so I can speak about all subjects (I hope !)

I speak french (really?) and I have my broken english; I'm supposed to speak spanish and german but all I can said is "No hablo espanol" and "Essen" (eat) and "Trinken" (drink). And some lyrics from Schandmaul / Rammstein. So it'll be useless if I try to speak these languages xD.
But I can help someone who wants to improve their french, I think I have a good french so I can be a good teacher x) (I write since I'm 6 or 7, for example).

I have e-mail, Facebook, Skype (but my mic is actually broken :/ ). So if you're intrested I'll be happy to speak with you ! :D See you soon !


My name is Karol. I think it can be fun so look at my profile and write to me if you want ;).
If you want to know something about me just ask :)

Yes^^ Speak with people from everywhere must be interesting ! :D

hey madame bonjour!!! I'm learning french and I can help you with english but you must help me with french. THanks!!!

Bonjour monsieur ! :D No problem if I must help someone in french ^^