what is your favorite disney movie? Films, music, TV

what is your favorite disney movie? and why?

Aladdin... Since it's from the Persian stories of 1001 nights. 😍

I love the whole movie. Especially, the songs :3

Reason why i love it is Let it go - song

The hunchback of Notre-Dame for the song and the story

Mulan, for her courage and her independent thought. And for the songs that are very motivating.
Then there are many others...
"Higitus Figitus! "


My favorite is Mulan, I think she is the true Disney princess! She took the place of his father and risked her life to protect him and his family.
Who cares what other people thinks, she proved that women are not good just in cooking and take care of children and the house... she proved that a woman who really loves can be stronger than a man.

Frozen is my fav. It's so beautful movie!

don' forget "the lion king" people! ;-)

I think it's "Brave", I love it 😍
But I've recently seen also Coco and I've cried a lot, it's amazing too!

I would say that my favorite Disney movie might be Cinderella. Because she had to go though so many difficult obstacles just to be happy. Between losing her mother at age nine, then her father's unexpectedly death, living with her mean stepmother and her braty stepsisters.. but that didn't stop Ella (Cinderella) from becoming strong and fighting for what she believed in. Because she ends up getting married to her prince and fulfilling her mother's wish of having courage and kindness

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The Lion King! <3

My favorite film is Tangled.

mine is moana or vaiana because of the magnificent story 🤩

Atlantis and Treasure Planet! Those are underrated Pearls:) I do love Mulan and Pocahontas!

Lion King <3

Die Schöne und das Biest

alice in wonderland.
I love it.