Who is the most special person you ever met? Anything and everything

Someone said we will meet many people, some of them are just passersby, only several will become our friends or families the whole life. Who is the most special person you ever met? For me, it is my first love. We have been together for about 10 years, but still, we broke up after graduating from university. I dream of him everynight, but I will never meet him again.

I am so sorry for that 🙁
Your question is really difficult and I don't find an answer, I couldn't choose someone.
But I think nobody who takes part in your life is without a reason in your life. Some of them are gifts to you and you enjoy the time with him or her and you are happy. But some of them are there as a lesson.
The answer for this question you only see after the day the friendship/relationship ends. Then you will know if it was a gift or a lesson from god to you.
With every contact you make experiences so it's never for nothing. You learn something about it and your life goes on, finding other people who take part in your life 🙂

I could say that this answer would differ from one being to another because as much as we are, we have someone who has marked us either positively or negatively but the only thing that matters is the experience we had in staying with each one.

I've met YAS who is a Persian rapper and the most famous one in Iran. It was quite a special moment for me...