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Hi guys! I'm curious about what do you think about Italian people.
It seems we have different ways of being thought of.
Would you like to give me your point of view and impressions?

I think Italian people are friendly, attentive but very loud. The Cardriver are very very

Chaotic, sry false Button 🙂

What do you think about German people?

Hi! In general you are right, we italians are really loud ahah! We like to celebrate all the time lol.
I think that German people are very straight and rigid, like very controlled, very meticolous.
Obviously it's a stereotype! I met some people from Germany and they were all different. Never been in Germany so can't say much about how they drive!! :)

quando ascolto l'italiano penso a un bicchiere di vino, un fiume illuminato dalla luna, una barca e qualcuno che canta.
google translate. :)
I cant speak read or understand Italian. Hm, about Italian people? I have to admit stereotypes do come into play but that happens anywhere, don't worry I doubt anyone would assume all Italians are like a certain famous plumber but this guy maybe? https://tinyurl.com/y7pmasfx

Lol nobody is really like that ahahah

i met an Italian while being on holiday in Valencia! he was very kind but actually mocked on his own people hahaha, well like in the traffic they are like rushy? idk how to describe. overall good people i guess but haven't really had interaction with any italian before that guy.