Someone out there who wants to find a penpal? Anything and everything

Someone out there that wants to meet new people and become friends?
Hi I'm Noemi from Italy. 22
I'm looking for new friends to chat with (tried various sites but after two messages people disappear) .
Would you be interested?

Yea, sure. I´m interested.
I´m Patrick, 26, living in Germany.
Nice to meet you.

Hi Nice to meet you!

Everyone here want to meet penpals i guess😂

but meet people is different from becoming friends! i met a lot of people but after two or three texts they always disappear :(

Hi) I also here to look for good friends) I'm a bit shy, but I'm ready to text with everyone here, in Penpal Gate))

Hi! I would like to meet new friends from others countries and who could make me speaking perfectly English ✌

Hi there, my name is Mattia and I’m from Milan, Nothern Italy.
I’m new here (I joined this website several days ago) and I’m looking forward to meeting new people, I hope I’m in the right place 😊

Hi , I am Aadhil . i am also finding some penpals to text in penpal gate . i love snail mail too . if you interested pls write to me :) i"ll reply to everyone :)

Hi! I have your same purpouse and I also had the same problem concerning people that disappear after a couple of messages :(

hello, see you already found so many people here. I'm Suvrojit from India and I'm interested in being your penpal. Write me something :)