Looking for a penfriend! Anything and everything

Hi !
I'm a french girl and I'm looking for a penfriend to improve my English and also to make new friends around the world to discover many cultures, I'm 15 so if you have approximately my age that's perfect! So if you're interested, I'm here !

hey , im here ahahah why not

Hey, i am 17 .
And i can speak french fluently ( i think ) but i am not from France.
so, what do u say about writing to each other ??

Hey! Are you still searching for someone to exchange letters with? I would be interested. So.. yeah.. just write me if the offer’s still up.

Hi Pauline, if you are still interested in exchanging letters with somebody, I will be lucky, if you answer.

In every language - ask, I love to exchange real letters ^^

Hi, I'm here :)


hello i will be youre new pen friend if you want it

greets billy

I want to have a pen friend.
Writing with the hand is so important and I think it will get lost in the future :(

Hi! I'm an Italian girl and I would like to have a penfriend to improve my English and to learn some new languages. If you want contact me!

Hey guys, I am Sonja 26 years old - I´m looking for pen friends - So If you have time write me - I looking Forward to hear from you.

Hello Im looking for someone with i can improve my English :) if You want write me :)