looking for a real pen pal (real letters) Anything and everything


Hi! I think it's a great idea and volunteer!

I want to

hiii i want too :)

What a fantastic idea! I would be so happy to do that!

I d‘love to be in too, if this is still up?

Message me and we can work something out for this eh

Text me, if you want to write real letters! I would be very happy about it :)

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I really like to write real letters. The most people like the internet but I think if you have real letters you can hold something in you hands. I like these old things. Like letters... :) So I would be very happy if someone want to write with me

Hey text me please. i am also interested in writting real letters :)

I think it's a good idea. Text me if you want

i want to as well it's a cool idea

I want it to ! Who wants to do that with me ?

I want to do letters as well! write me if you want!

I would love it!