Name your day Anything and everything

Once i said to a friend that we should give a name to our day , it's true that in one single day a lot of events and things can happen , but sometime i feel like giving a name to this huge period of 24h can be helpful to keep in mind what was or what will be the most important thing in your day.

So as an example , yesterday was for me the "sleepy day in a car" i just slept for 10 hours in a car , confuse , lost , when i came back home i wasn't paying attention to the fact that it was late , BEDROOM , I KEEP DOING NOTHING , ITS SUNDAY LET ME REST.

Aujourd'hui c'est "Journée pluvieuse, journée dans le lit".

Today is Talk To Strangers day.

Up until today I confined my search for snail mail penpals to people I was friends with on facebook but now I'm adding international sites to my search! I hope to hear from people soon!