Good day.
I was listening to a tune from the opera Andrea Chénier, by Umberto Giordano, called "My mother died" some time ago. I tried to look for a Russian translation everywhere, just to know how would it have been. I haven't found it yet. So, if I may ask to someone, please, could you translate this tune in Russian or any other language? It would be very nice to know the lyrics also in other languages... But just if I may ask, I don't want to bother anyone. Here there are the English lyrics:
They killed my mother
at the door of my room
She died and saved me.
Later, at dead of night,
I wandered with Bersi,
when suddenly
a bright glow flickers
and lights were ahead of me
the dark street!
I looked –
My childhood home was on fire!
I was alone!
surrounded by nothingness!
Hunger and misery
deprivation, danger!
I fell ill,
and Bersi, so good and pure
made a market, a deal, of her beauty
for me –
I bring misfortune to all who care for me!
It was then, in my grief,
that love came to me.
A voice full of harmony says,
"Keep on living, I am life itself!
Your heaven is in my eyes!
You are not alone.
I collect all your tears
I walk with you and support you!
Smile and hope! I am Love!
Are you surrounded by blood and mire?
I am Divine! I am oblivion!
I am the God who saves the World
I descend from Heaven and make this Earth
A heaven! Ah!
I am love, love, love."
... I'm terribly sorry I had to bother you, I hope that's not too incomprehensible. Thank you very much.