My goals Anything and everything

My English is pretty good, but I would like to improve it. I practice it every day and I have many contacts on Skype to talk with.
Empecé a estudiar español. Es bastante fácil para un italiano. Espero aprender rápidamente. Mi meta es hablarlo antes de fin de este año.
Ich studiere auch Deutsch. Es ist eine schwierige Sprache. Ich glaube, ich kann in zwei Jahren genug zu lernen.
Français est un peu plus facile. Un an peut être suffisant.
O português é muito semelhante ao espanhol. Eu estou fazendo um pouco de confusão com os dois idiomas. A pronúncia é mais difícil do que a de língua espanhola.
I study these languages on the Internet above all on memrise and Skype.
Knowing languages is a good exercise for my mind and allows me to communicate with many people.
Mi piace anche aiutare chi studia l’italiano. .
ciao, bye, hasta pronto, tschüss, salud, tchau.

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I speak French and Arabic (both of them are my native languages) and my English isn't bad. I'm learning Spanish and was thinking of starting either Italian or German, you just gave me motivation to take both!
Chapeau pour votre persévérance 🙂