Postcard Exchanging Everyday life and customs

Ggf Ggf

I'm GGF\Italy\M\43. I'm a postcards collector and I love “postcrossing”.
Postcards exchanging is a nice, simple and joyful way to know and learn other daily life and customs.
I will enjoy exchanging postcards with you, if you want.
If you like exchanging postcards with me, please contact me PM and let me know which type of postcards do you prefer receiving (city, landscape, buildings, etc) and I will send them to you. I would like to receive cities and landscapes of your country.

Hello my friend my name is Marty from USA. I am a post card collector and I will mail you any postcards you would like. I am open to ALL post cards. I receive picture post cards of historical Buildings Bridges but I am open to anything. My address is Marty Fitzgerald 1210 Baton Drive Deltona,Florida 32725 USA. Talk to you soon my friend MARTY...

For anyone interested in exchanging postcards, here's a great site to do it:

You send a postcard to random person and another random person sends you a postcard, so you don't know where your postcard is from until you recive it! I think it's fun, I've done that and I liked it ;)