I am looking for person who would like to teach me in Spanish =) Español

Holà ^^!

I have never learned spanish language and that's the reason why I am asking for.
I hope that there is a person who agrees to teach me some Spanish skills :D In contrast I can try to give you some advises in German or French ( I am learning it at school but I did an exchange so it's not so bad ;))!
But you need to know that I know nothing, really nothing (just some words which I can't connect :P and I can present myself a little bit :D).
I am hoping for some help me. When you are interested, let it me know here in the forum or feel free to make a comment on my profil (I prefer this options before we write some e-mails)

Thank you and best wishes ^^

Hola, como estas?, soy Mauricio de chile y tu, donde vives?

I am Fine and how are you? Nice to meet you :) I can understand what you Said but I am sorry, I don't understand any more ^^
My name is Tine and I'm from Germany.
See you!!


I think youre late

Hi Tine! I'm Spanish and if you want I can teach you... But I want you teach some words in German. Contact to me if you want it!