italian penfriend Italiano

Hello I'm 13 years old and i live in germany!I'm looking for an italian penpal between 13-15!!!😃 I don't speak italian but I will learn more about this wonderful country!

Hi, my name is Giada (but you can call me Jaded) and I'm -naturally- from Italy!
I'm 14 years old and, if you want, you can speak with me! 😃

Hello, I'm Luisa..
If you want you can talk with me, too (:
I'm learning german at school and, maybe, could be an advantage hahah
Hope to talk to you soon!
Ciao Luisa xx

Hello! I am Aurora, i can help you if you want! I think it would be so cool, also because i learn German so we can speak both 🙂 let me know.