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I would like to become an ambassador to Finland :)

I can be a ambassador from Turkey :)

you know how to find me :)

I can help in Finnish :)

I could help with finnish!:)

i could help with portuguese

I could help with German if it's still needed:D

I can try to help with Russian

Thanks to everyone who has written back so far :)

I could help with german, if it is still needed :D

I can help you with Russian.

Does klingon count? 😁

I can help you with Russian.
Thanks, Russian is almost done already

Does klingon count? 😁
Yes if it's your native language

I can help in Finnish too if you still need help:)

I can help you with some of Indian Languages.

Russian needed? Let me know what to do

I can do the Chinese part of it :p

Hey. If necessary I will help with the translation into Russian.