Dumbo by Tim Burton Films, music, TV

What do you think about Dumbo of Tim Burton? Isn't the elephant so cute?
I felt that his eyes were very human, such as his expression.

I haven't seen it yet, but definitely plan to do so. Dumbo was my favorite movie as a child and I love Tim Burton's work, so it's a must for me 🙂

I didn’t like it 🙁 Dumbo was one of my favorite movies as a child and I had big expectations of this one... I was disappointed!

I’d only save Danny DeVito’s work and the costumes they’re gorgeous

Would any of you recommend this film ? I mean i don't have exactly big expectations for this film, I'm a fan of the "old" Tim Burton movies, buuut...

Tim Burton’s work is there, but it is not brilliant in my opinion. Definitely he has made better movies.

I don’t recommend it, but give it a try maybe you like it... I’ve heard a few people really liked it.

The story can stays enriching. Did someone watched the Disney's film ?

Well, I guess I could give it a chance. Btw I watched the original, I sincerely hope that they didn't cut off the "rose elephants" scene

As a kid I was a bit traumatized with the pink elephants scene. The spanish version of the song is even scarier than the original one, it says things like "Who's there? They are, perhaps...Relatives of Satan?"

But, watching it through adult eyes it's one of the most intriguing and nicely done scenes of all Disney movies. A journey through the imagination and the psychedelia and they sorted out to include it in a movie for kids. Really one-of-a-kind scene.

Probably Burton fucked up this scene in his adaptation because Tim Burton hasn't made a good movie since Big Fish so I'll pass.

Completely agree with SevenNorthStar!

And yeah, the pink elephants scene... well ... 😒 Don't expect much of it either...

CamCam11 the story is the same in essence. But definitely the original movie is way much better than Tim Burton's