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Does anyone saw Captain Marvel in the cinemas? If yes, how did you find it?
For me it was just amazing and exciting 😃 And i can't wait for Infinity War...

I don't watch the movie but I want. And I am also so exciting about the next movie.

I am going to watch it this weekend.

I am not so hyped but maybe the movie can surprise me.

I'm watching it tonight 😃 I'm really excited about it!

Enjoy it 🙂 you will like the movie

Thanks 🙂 I definitly will, I'm sure of it.

And I did! It's a great movie. I loved it!

That was sure 😃

This new movie of MCU is good really, but i found some confuse action scenes and the main protagonist not always at its best. Sometimes the songs were wrong with the scenes and the plot twist about Skrulls didn't convince me completely

I loved this movie! It has the best origins story ever! The end was a bit cliche but it was a wonderfully good and funny movie, you should watch it if you love marvel

Hi!! I have not watched It yet..but my Brother said It Is a great movie!!

Nothing Interesting. Shallow plot. I'm really into MCU. This movie didn't supprise me at all.

I have watched it with my friends, about week ago. I’m not that much into Marvel, but I have enjoyed it

I watched this movie last week. For me this movie was good and a bit funny.

I watched it last weekend. Nothing really impressive, a bit flat and merely transitional for Avengers: Endgame.

Brie larson is sexist and racist and I refuse to watch anything with her as the lead. Also endgame will be the last marvel film I watch as I have gotten bored of it.

Sexist and racist? Why do you think that?