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in which hogwarts house are you?
(i'm in slytherin)

Hufflepuff 🙂

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Slytherin 🙂

Slytherin too 😉

... same :x

#TeamSlytherin forever🐍❤️

Ravenclaw 🙂

Following Pottermore it's Rabenclaw, but my heart belongs to Slytherin 😎🐍

Hey I am a proud gryffindor ....🙂

Proud Ravenclaw 🙂 in my heart and mind as well as on Pottermore

According to pottermore Gryffindor and according to other sites Ravenclaw Xx

I'm between an INFP and an ENFP so I should be a Hufflepuff-ish Ravenclaw OwO

I’m in Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw 🙂

Slytherin !

I got few different results, but I'm heart and soul Ravenclaw!

I'm Gryffindor 🙂

I‘m Gryffindor