Have you read any Chinese literature? 汉语/漢語/中文

Helloooo everyone ^^
I myself adore English, French and Russian literature. (I actually know little about literature, but there are some remarkable writers I do admire very much 001_rolleyes )
and... of course I love Chinese literature, especially classical ones! thumbup1
so, I wonder if there's anyone who has read any piece of Chinese literature? Perhaps... "A Dream of Red Mansions", "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" or something modern like "琦君"(sorry I can't find her name in English^_^")?
I'm just curious... and, well, a bit bored during the vacation :P :P :P haha it'd be great if you'd like to share how you think about the books or do you like them or not ^^

best regards :D

I love 本草綱目 by 李時珍. If we can call that literature.. .-.

and I like chinese poetry.

That is so cool!!!! Do you like Pharmacy ^^?
It's nice to hear that you like poetry ;-) moi aussi :)

I dont know Chinese book and autor...but what about Russian?Do you know some thing about book"War and World"?(Dostovsky) :flowers

I've read Crime and Punishment of Dostoevsky, but not War and World^^"
(However, I've read War and Peace written by Tolstoy... if that's what you mean^^")