new penpal :) Français

I would like to find a penpal, please send me e-mail

Hey, I've just been to the Normandie.. It's beautiful there :)
I'm also looking for a penpal, so if you're interested let me know.. (by the way, I'm learning french for 1 1/2 years :) )


I am Loreley and I am also always interested in exchanging by communication via emails. About me: I am 23 years old and I come from Belgium.

Nice to hearing from you soon.


Hy guys ... how are you all .. i would like to communicate with you so add me .....!

Hello , I am Charlin I also want to find a penpal. I'm from China , a senior high school student . I hope you can add me !

I'm Suvrojit from India and I can speak english among other languages! I can join your group! :D

Hi ! I'm Tamara and i'm from the Netherlands !
You can email me at