I would like to have a german penpal ! :) Deutsch

Heeeee everyonee :whistling

I'm a 16 years old dutch girl. My name is Sharon.
I would like to have a german penpal because maybe i can visit him/her with trian? it's so closee :)

aaaand, this year i have a german exam....i'm so bad :blink maybe there is someone who can help me a little,
just talk a little german and english! German looks like dutch, so i hope i'll learn fast ^^

if u want to be that penpal, write me bellow or on my page!
(btw i don't like talking on penpal-gate, i prefer what's app/facebook/viber 001_rolleyes


hey I am from germany and 14 :) I would love to have a dutch freind and to help you :) write me on this mail address ? laika99@live.de ? its noot my real private one but I ll check it :)

Salut je m'appelle moustapha, je vis au senegal et je compte faire une visite en allemagne et de préférence à berlin. C'est pourquoi j'aimerais parler de la vie en général.et j aimerai avoir un(e) correspondant(e)mon facebook est moustapha beye beye et mon e-mail est soldat1992@live.fr ok

He's my name is Anna and I'm 16 too. I would help you with German with a great pleasure you can write me an e-mail under these email address: annameyer16@gmx.de
Later I can also give you my skype, snapchat or Facebook dates and also my mobile phone number if you have what's app. I would be very happy if we could become friends.
Love Anna ❤️

Hi, my name is Jasmin and I would like to become your friend. I'm 16 Years old and ferching for friends all over the world and well if you are interestet just write me.