Catalunya problem Politics and governments

hey guys! just wanted to know you opinion about what happened in Catalunya, spain, with the referendum demand... With all this violence from policemen

Hey, i have a question nobody could answer me, it may sound stupid but actually does madrid have the right to forbid this referendum? As far as i know, even if there is a government in place, people have the right to tell their opinion, haven't they?

If the spanish government wanted independance of Catalunya, he couldn't do better than he did last weekend : Sending forces to prevent this referendum. It's the best way to make new independantists shocked by the violence even they were without opinion at first. Personly I think that independance of Catalunya is not a good thing. It's a movement against a logic trend that could lead to an harmonisation of rules and relationship between nations in Europe. But of course I'm not in the situation of the Catalans.

yeah I'm agrein with ya anil, Actually Lea they can, thats a lil like here in Belgium, Madrid represent the power there. people have their right, but a vote which includes somthing about the entire country has to be accepted by the autorities. I'm agreing thats unfair but thats the point in Euope these last years, oligarchy... Not a democracy anymore. Sure that all this violence wont help catalans to acceept Madrid's autority... After, right or not, thats a good debate, I'm agreing with catalans, I lived a lil in barcelona and sure they don't need Spain autority to develop themselves