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I'm a 27-year-old male, and I live in Japan 92.

I speak English, Japanese, some Russian, German, and a tiny bit of Polish.

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    привет! Я из Японии. Dzień dobry! Jestem Japończykiem.  I go to university to become a medical researcher while working as a programmer. My specialization is security(I read x86 assembly and I'm good at finding vulnerability and fix it) Are there white hackers here ? :)At university, I'm studying Russian, German and Polish as well as sciences. Additionally I would like to study French. I really love philosophy, especially I adore Sartre. I am strongly recommend younger people/students to read his works! He thought about freedom and meaning of your existence.My English would be enough to make myself understood. German is intermediate, Russian and Polish are between beginner and intermediate. I have enjoyed meeting people from foreign countries.  Maybe I've met and hung around with people from more than 10 countries. I am dreamed of visiting them in return.I'm sorry I'm too busy with real life so that sometimes I am absent for a while but when I receive message, I'll answer ASAP.