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I'm a 17-year-old male, and I live in France 61.

I speak English, French and a tiny bit of Russian.

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    WELCOME! You just visited Mr.Basilio's AD!About me:I'm a 16 year old inventor who is in the 11th grade! (1ere S) I'm basically here to meet anyone around my age who would be interested in talking to a crazy person such as myself!I'm from the U.S but left at the age of nine to go live in Turkey, North-Africa, Germany and now France where I am living to the present day.I can speak English, French and a little German.I'm trying to learn Russian, but so far I'm still learning the alphabet :PAnd do not worry I can help you with your English or French (but you may want to ask a French person instead xD) in exchange for German, Russian or to just improve my French.So, please do not feel shy, I'm a very friendly person and always kind. But I wouldn't want you to take advantage of that xD.Who knows, if we get to know each other more we can probably snail mail! ⚠I do not respond to penpals without a photo for security reasons, if you do not want to show it on this site and still want to talk with me you can send me your photo privately through a social network. ⚠ :DWell, thank you for reading my AD!If you are interested, leave me a message on my wall or directly send a msg to my e-mail.I have Skype, VK, Messenger and other social networks so we could probably talk on there if communicating is difficult.Have a nice day!Basilio ↪If you want you could also check out my blogI have one article so far, but soon there will be some new ones out. Also, if you want to be a part of my site and be an Author too, then message me!The site's categories: Paranormal, Archaeology, Science, Mysteries and Alternative Knowledge!⬇Have a look!⬇ BLOG: ➡