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  • Something to tell the world!

    I'm Camilla, I'm 22 and I'm a university student in engineering.
    What attracts me most in other people is the diversity mixed with the equality that you can find inside and I love to know and discover secrets and riches of other places, as well as people with a culture and a life different from mine. It drives me crazy, in a positive sense of course.
    So, you do not exist to write me, I really want to know as much as possible everything.

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Traveling has always excited and intrigued me and thanks to my parents I have been able to know my country, Italy, in all its facets, from the most famous cities to the most hidden villages in the middle of nature. I visited almost all the Italian regions, devoting weeks to discover the culture and secrets, falling in love with this Italy that very often we tend to denigrate and from which we run away. Growing up I began to feel the need to travel outside, even if for now with still few goals reached in my diary: I visited Berlin, which I am madly in love with her way of telling the story of those places strongly thanks to simple walks; I have been in Amsterdam, a city with a culture and a way of life enviable by the world: precision in all and no prying eyes that make you feel out of place, each one by his own way or so it seemed to me; and finally I visited some cities of France, like Montecarlo and Menton, even if now colonized by Italians. The programs, however, are many, starting from these months that I hope will take me around at least four new states.

  • Living abroad for one year

    Strange but true, I could do it. I was taken to Erasmus, near Barcelona, ​​in Matarò, and when I got the confirmation I was very happy, as not mine, even to cry. And I've been there for the next few months, but the closer I came closer and the more I felt frightened. I could not handle anxiety any more and so much in my life could change, depending on whether I was playing or not. So two weeks before going I decided to give up and complete what I felt I had in pending Italy, convincing me that, however, being out of the office something different in my life I was already living. But if I could now, without even wasting too much time with the suitcases, I would take and leave, immediately.