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I'm a 20-year-old female, and I live in Rydułtowy, Śląsk, Poland 150.

I speak Polish, some English, and a tiny bit of Spanish, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Serbian.

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    Dear chums, chummettes, and er . . . chummlywummlies.I'm Baunti. I live in Poland and I thing this is nice country but we haven't beautiful places in Silesia.So... eer... Oh, I love, love, love music. Mrrr.... Nirvana is my life. Oh yes, oh yes ;p. And I very like meet my friends because my friends are amazing. I know it! Because they are main ;D.I go for so-called English lessons, but in my school on lesson we do don't it which we must. But my English isn't death. I think. Blimey. I learn German but I hate this. I don't understand this language and I am don't alive when I have this lesson. I always do something which I don't have to do. Eee... do make-up ? Yes, I did it. No comment.I think I'm dumb or maybe just happy.I love all.Muaah, Baunti.