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I'm a 16-year-old female, and I live in Frankfurt, Germany 5.

I speak English, German, some French, and a tiny bit of Italian.

I've visited 14 places in 9 countries.

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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey guys! I´m Zoe, 15 years old and from Germany. I also speak English and French.
    I´m interested in almost everything so here are a few exapmles: Feminism, reading (e.g. Harry Potter, A song of ice and fire) and writing, politics, other cultures and religions...
    I also like writing letters, so I´m looking for a penpal. I´m happy about every message so don´t be shy and text me ;)

  • Personal skills

    I´m really passionate about dancing. I´m doing standard and latin dances, salsa and viennesse waltz are my faves. I´m not (yet) a professional dancer.

    I really love writing. I´m writing fantasy books but I don´t think I´m going to publish them, it´s just for myself.

    I think one of my talents is learning languages. I don´t have problems doing that, so if I could I would propably be learning every language in this world...

    I´m doing martial arts, too, but in a traditional way. My grandfather had done many recherches when he was younger and then he opened a school for martial arts. My family still runs it, so I know some things about traditional japanese martial arts.

    I also love poetry slam but I´m more of a listener in this genre. I try writing my own texts but i´m just a little beginner.

    I´m drawing and painting, but I´m not a pro. Just doing this for fun and because I love expressing my feelings on the paper :)