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I'm a 24-year-old female, and I live in Lille, France 61.

I speak Arabic, French and some English, Spanish

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    HI everyone!I'm Yasmina and i'm french.I'm here in order to improve my english and to make new "cyber friends".I want to meet other people,to discover new way of thinking,new culture...i practise drama and it's a real passion for me,it's pretty cool 'cause i can express myself in this activitie,that's why i love it,!!Humm...what else can i say?oh yeah,I love fashion and design too.You know,i'm very creative,i love original things,i'm certainely a little bit extravagant!I'm very curious,talkative... Music?I like listenning to rock/pop/folk and also electro...So,if you want to know anything about me,about france,ask me ;)!!See you soon,cherry cherry boom boom(8)