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I'm a 26-year-old female, and I live in Porvoo, Finland 60.

I speak Swedish, Finnish, English, some Japanese, and a tiny bit of Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Korean.

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    I'm looking for longterm penpals all over the world :)If you want to exchange letters, you write the first letter (ESPECIALLY if you're a guy!) :) I don't want to write a letter and never get a reply :)I've been exchanging letters for over 10 years but somehow all of my penpals have stopped writing to me, I've always replied to every letter, even if it's a bit late but in those cases I often send a message or something to my penfriend and tell him/her that I'm having a hard time etc..I love music, traveling, anime, manga, cosplaying, snail mailing, postcrossing etc.. :)And I'm part Finnish, part Australian and part Swedish :) I've lived most of my life in Finland but I've also lived in Australia (Brisbane and Sydney) :)