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I'm a 26-year-old female, and I live in Helsinki, Finland 60.

I speak German, Swedish, Finnish, French, English, some Korean, and a tiny bit of Spanish.

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    A not so normal girl from Finland who is French and Finnish and speaks both languages fluently-- I lived in Korea 8 months, now back in Finland studying in a univ in Helsinki~~I'm kind of a positive girl, who enjoys life at 100% ! -- Interested in everything new and ain't afraid to try new things either. With me the word boredom is never used I guess! (and I'm VERY TALKATIVE, I love discussing different topics!)Activities: I'm back in fencing (European fencing, NOT KENDO) after having this long break due to my studies and other stuff. I'm practicing a lot these days, so please understand my late replies most of the time. Maybe you'll see me one day in the olympics :DDD-- Otherwise I listen music all the time, hang out with friends, watch movies and documentaries and I read really a lot.Got interested? Wanna know more abt me? Just talk to me! (Woah! Sounds like I wud be promoting myself and sharing flyers on the streets, hahha :D TV SHOP kunniaan!!)