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I'm a 24-year-old female, and I live in Seoul, South Korea 48.

I speak Korean, some English, French, and a tiny bit of Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish.

I've visited 2 places in 2 countries.

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    I'm soo-hyun from korea.
    i want to friend with you and i want to learn languages of global.
    if you can help me, send me a mail.
    my e-mail address is
    my skype is shhwangbo.
    i want to be friend if you want to.
    i'm greet to you if you are being my friend.
    i'm waiting for your responses.
    let's meet friend.

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    Hello, I am Suhyun. My english name is Grace.
    Actually I am very negative woman, but i want to positive and still try to be positive.
    and i lie talk about the all of Korea.
    Most of foreigners are interesting about Korean culture such as K-POP, K-Culture et al.
    So, if you have some question about Korea, Text me.
    Thank you!!!