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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey guys! I'm Sebastian from Lower Saxony.
    The first thing I could drive was the tractor as soon as I was able to depress the clutch. Later on, I finally managed to drive the car perfectly. You're wondering why I have decided to put this on top of my profile? Well, I haven't read it somewhere else on PenPal Gate and it's actually the truth.
    I'm from the countryside and enjoy my life here. It's very calm and you're fimiliar to nearly every person in the village. But there's also a life behind my village's place name sign and I would like to discover it. That's why I signed in on Penpal Gate. I want to get in touch with people from all over the world!
    In addition, I would really like to improve my English, French and Dutch skills. Of course I'm a very open-minded guy who enjoys talking about everything conceivable.
    Mostly, when we talk about people from abroad we do it based on stereotypes. I don't like that hence I want to make acquaintance to people from everywhere and read their personal stories.
    In general, if you need some help with the German language, just let me know!

    Feel free to contact me ;)

  • A trick or piece of advice

    Safe the nature and take care to our planet.
    Avoid using plastic like useless plastic bags and so on. A lot of small steps can cause a huge change in the world.
    And please support local companies and farmers. Buy meat and vegetables in your region instead of in huge supermarkets.

  • My proudest accomplishments

    Definitely my black belt in Karate!

  • Childhood pleasures

    Eating as much strawberries as possible undiscovered from the horticulturist's strawberry field.

    And of course all the adventures together with my friends like building wooden cabins in the forests :)

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    All James Bond 007 movies
    Indiana Jones 1-4
    Movies based on the books by Dan Brown, i.e. Illuminati
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Movies by Alfred Hitchcock or Agatha Christie, i.e. Murder on the Orient Express (yep I know it's old-fashioned :D )
    8 Mile
    Alpha Dog
    ...and much more

    various authors like Stieg Larsson and much more (I own a lot of books)


Thranduil7 61 Thranduil7

C'mon. You're the one who talks... 🙈

jeckstein2020 228 jeckstein2020

Hello Sebastian, I am from the United States and if you want to improve your English or learn more about the United States, hit me up.

pepinette 39 pepinette

Hallo Sebastian!

Actually, I loved my time in Berlin. I am totally in love with this city!
And yup, I did eat Currywurst. It was, in fact, the last meal I ate there.


Thranduil7 61 Thranduil7

Hello Sebastian !

Danke ;-)

Well I’m pretty fine ! What about you ? I see you are new there. I’m glad to get a message from someone in Germany ! :)

Hope to read you soon.