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18, from Belluno 90
Something to tell the world!

Hi! My name's Fiorella, I'm 18, I live in Italy and I'm looking for new friends.I'm a really shy person, but when someone gets to know me I can be really funny and talkative.I'm here because I want to meet people from all over the world and learn different languages.Feel free to write to me whenever you want.We can talk here, on...

17, from 5
Something to tell the world!

Hi guys! I'm a guy from Bavaria who's really interested in maths and science (especially physics). I love to meet new people so if you want to you can write to me about anything.

22, from Vlaardingen 147
Cities and countries I have visited

Love austria, because of the mountains, Furthermore I visited barcelona with school, norway on a cruise and greece, yeah, just random :D

15, from 147
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Hello there! My name is Chay, I'm 15 and I enjoy drawing and listening to music! I'm into alot of different types of music, k-pop, punk rock, visual kei and even more! I would love to learn more languages and learn about different cultures! Please, I'm looking for a loyal, long relationship, penmate. Don't just send me one...

16, from 147
Favourite books/authors/films

I have to much nice movies and books, I just like everything!! But one of my favorite movies is harry potter, yeah i'm a potterhead. ⚡

16, from 5
Something to tell the world!

Hey my Name is Jana, I'm 16 years old and interested in meet new people. So write me an email or something else I'm sure I'll answer it.

15, from Hyères 61
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Hello, my name is Marie.I'm 15 years old, I'm french and I'd like learn english and italian. I like drawing, reading, playing on videogames. I live on the south of France, and I love travelling. Don't hesitate to send me a friendly message :) Ciao, mi chiamo Marie. Ho 15 anni, sono francese e vorrei studiare inglese e italiano. Mi...

14, from Leszno 150
Something to tell the world!

You can add me on: Twitter: @markatin02 Instagram: sobisqp Snapchat: tkisobisqp Hangouts:

13, from Kuurne 23
Living abroad for one year

Ik wil graag in het Verenigd Koningrijk wonen. I want to live in the United Kingdom. Je veux habiter aux Royaume-Unis.

18, from Forli 90
Something to tell the world!

Hey  guys <3, I'm caterina from italy. I'm a climber, and I love the arts.  I'm a design student at high school and my dream is to go to uni in Germany to continue my passion. I like meet new people and i'm here to improve my english and maybe learn german. I'm a good reader and i would like meet others readers! if you want to know...