• 7m
  • I'm excited about...

    I am interested in probably everything you can think of, it's a blessing and curse at the same time.
    I love music, astro physics, food, literature, theatre, football, American football, arts, gaming, languages and of course: travel.

  • Personal skills

    I play the piano and the trumpet. I can't stop singing or humming regardless of where I am but people tend to get used to that. I love listening to music all the time - and I really do mean all the time. I find joy in every genre what so ever bug I especially love musical-style music :)

    I also bake a lot and do some artsy stuff.

    Dancing (mostly latin/waltz etc but also some hip hop) , martial arts (judo and kick boxing) and American football (o-line) is what I do to get rid of some of my energy :D

  • Cities and countries I have visited

    Ich bin bis jetzt in meinem Leben sehr viel gereist. Meine Reisen nach Japan, New York und Südafrika sind wohl meine Highlights. Aber der absolute Traum war Island. Ich habe mich in kurzer Zeit in die Menschen, die Kultur, den Lifestyle, die Landschaft und die Sprache verliebt.
    Für nächstes Jahr stehen Singapur, Thailand und Malaysia auf dem Plan. Erst als Studienfahrt mit der Uni nach Singapur, dann alleine die Rundreise durch die anderen Länder.
    Außerdem will ich mir noch Nepal und die Pole angucken! Das sind absolute Traumreiseziele!

  • A career without obstacles

    Astronaut. No explanation needed.

  • I'm an expert at...

    I'm a professional cat cuddler. I also bake the best chocolate chip cookies or any chocolaty thing in the kitchen.
    Plus I'm a little know-it-all, so I'm kind of an expert in everything ;)

  • Childhood pleasures

    Chocolate. But tbh it's still one of the big reasons to stay on this earth.

    Now to something a bit more revealing: I used to sleep with my window open and stare at the night sky and the stars. I always thought about how they are probably all dead by now which made me very sad. On the other hand I also always imagined to be staring at the night sky when one of the stars dies. That was the most beautiful thing I could imagine. I still look at the same stars and imagine their deaths. That probably sounds creepy but it's not my problem if you don't get the beauty in it :)