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I'm a 28-year-old female, and I live in Osaka, Japan 92.

I speak Japanese, English, German and a tiny bit of Chinese (Mandarin), French, Malay, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Sotho, Danish.

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    Okay, so you want to learn about me? Alrighty~.I live in Japan, and I have for the past two years, I'm in my first year of college, going for an animation major, so far, and I love eating lots and lots of spicy ramen. (But not too much. I learned that the hard way...)I love video games. A lot. (Especially the 'Tales of' series!) I like to read and to write, and to draw, above all.I'm also helping translate the site from English to German, which is great, because I love helping people; who doesn't? I can't wait to make new friends here. Leave me a comment and let's have some good times. :)