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I'm a 24-year-old female, and I live in Evansville, United States 228.

I speak English and a tiny bit of Spanish, German.

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    My name is  Amelia, or  Mea.[I'm an addict for dramatic]:)What ever floats your boat. :)  I live and breathe music, almost all kinds.      I play clarinet, pretty well.                                     Yes, I'm even cocky about it.My favorite bands are as follows:-mayday parade-escape the fate-a day to remember-the used-alesana-ice nine kills-eminem-a7x-NOFX-pierce the veil-taking back sunday-forever the sickest kids-rise against-five finger death punch& more :P  I can help with English if you'd like.  and you can help me with German.Wanna be friends?Click that nifty little button up there.I don't reject anyone. :]"A life in search of a love. An amazing love.
    I could look high and low, but it's hard once you've been set in
    the clouds.
    Because you raised me up, so high. I could only see you.
    Still at that time, I fell so hard, for you.
    I got lost.
    So who am I to find while I'm here?
    But you, once again, because you've taken my fear.
    My fear of finding anyone else,
    Because it's you, I love, above everyone, everything.
    Including myself."-Bryce Gulledge<3