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  • My interests in other cultures

    Hello my beautiful world, that has different topographies, different lands, different places, different areas, deserts, mountains, forests and oceants but all of that is one thing, is our beautiful Earth. Different people, black, white, yellow, small eyes, big eyes but at the end we are all Human being, we have the same father Adam and the same mother Eve. We have our five senses, we see , we hear , we talk , we smell and we touch, different languages but somehow you fell all conected and that what makes you learn the next language easier. The only different thing maybe is how we think and react against things, how we see the differents, do we see the similarities too!? My interests in other cultures, languages and people come from my interest in life and the world. When you learn about a new language you learn about its cultur too, they are always together. Everytime when I learn a new language, I start to be more logical, I understand the world better and I have more respect to my earth and its people.

    In Mesopotamia ( Iraq) we say" you learn a language then you have one open eye, you learn two, then you have two open eyes " :)

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