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  • Something to tell the world!

    Hey there, I'm Mahmoud from Egypt, I'm here to make new friends and improve my language skills English and French, I'm studying veterinary medicine and quite like it, I like to know about all kinds of science, I like football (Barcelona fan)
    I also enjoy watching movies and less in series,
    -You can ask me about other apps to communicate.
    -if you are interested just say hi, I won't bite 🙂

  • I always enjoy talking about...

    I'd be happy to talk about hobbies, movies, everyday life, deep questions or anything else 😉

  • I'm an expert at...

    I'm not expert ,but I've a good experience in graphic design & video editing
    I use Adobe Photoshop,
    Adobe illustrator,
    Adobe premiere.

  • Favourite books/authors/films

    -My favorite film ever is "interstellar"
    -But I love also,
    The green Mile
    harry potter
    John q
    About time
    The lord of the rings
    Now you see me,
    I can tell you more and more but these are enough for now.

  • Making the world a better place

    I believe that if everyone loved for the others what he loves for himself, the world would be a better place.

  • My interests in other cultures

    I'd like to know how other people live and how they think about life, what they pioneer in, what they eat... EVERYTHING.

  • Something uncommon about me

    a friend said I'm nice 😉

  • Living abroad for one year

    may be Uk, united states, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand or Indonesia (Bali exactly)

  • Personal skills

    I like graphic design and video editing
    I'm patient and a good listener
    solving technical problems

  • It was better before

    that there was no internet, so personal communication was more and better.

  • It is better now

    now there is more awareness due to the availability of knowledge sources on the internet or in the books.
    also It's good in the expression of personal opinions, however, It's not good in many cases coz -I think- in most cases, the wrong party has the louder voice.

  • I feel concerned about...

    I feel concerned about the political war between some countries' governments for authority and money, and how this maybe become very dangerous to the normal people.