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    I'm celebrating my first two years here wow I'm olddd 🤣🤣
    Hey guys my name is Simone (西蒙尼) nice to meet you all!!
    I have grew up a lot thanks to this website becoming much mature and wise and of course having a meeting with so and so many people from different countries opened my mind really.

    I dream to go to:
    Poland (I love this country)
    Japan (since I was a kid I loved this country!)
    Germany (again)
    Turkey (Turkish tea is awesome)
    Northern Norway (to see Aurora Borealis 😍)
    France (according to my DNA test I'm more
    French than Italian, also if I don't speak French 🤔)

    And many many other countries
    If you want to know me, well ... I'm just a simple guy with a girl name in every country of the world except Italy and New Zealand 🤔🤣🤣
    I like to being funny, to reading so many books, to playing guitar, doing calisthenics, learning new languages and watching stars at night.
    I'm a philosopher in fact I'm trying to write a book like Coelho and I'm a fighter I don't like any injustices and in fact I always stand up to help others. My dream is to help making better this world becoming a researcher at least it is the path I chose. If you want send me a message do it, I will answer you for sure!!!